What a Show!

Congratulation to The Flaming Feathers for putting on a spectacular performance at their debut show – Hot Flush!

Here is what one of the spectators had to say:

“ This was an incredible experience, I felt like we had been transported through time as we watched the Charleston from the 1920s, Can Can from the 1800s, Burlesque from the Cabaret clubs of the turn of the century and groovy moves from the 60s Go Go scene.

We loved the incredible costumes, amazing dance moves, beautiful ostrich feather fans and the whole way the show had been put together. Laura Mai thrilled us with her powerful voice and wonderful old time songs.

The audience were great as well, really taking part by dressing up to the occasion, the whole thing was enpowering and very tasteful, funny and inspiring. We cant wait to come to the next one!”
Jane Manning, World Jungle

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